A New Hope

For Thanksgiving I was staying with extended family at Emerald Isle, NC. My wife and I go there every year when we can. I am very much in the habit of looking for breweries/brew pubs in preparation for every trip I make. So, I was quite excited to notice this time that there were two brand new breweries in a close driving distance this year. Once we got to Emerald Isle, I started looking more seriously at going to the breweries. The first was Mill Whistle Brewing. I got worried when I couldn’t find a web page or hours of operation. I eventually messaged them on their Facebook account only to find out that they did not yet have their license to sell on site. They did, however, point out that I could get their bottles at my favorite North Carolina beer store: Harrika’s Brew Haus so I found 2 bottles.

Mill Whistle Brewing Bottles

Next up was Tight Lines Brewing.  They had a web page that looked like they had been around a while and a menu that looked awesome so we decided to go there for lunch. I have to admit there was some confusion on the hours they were open. But, the owner was excellent about it and wound up giving me a growler free of charge.

Tight Lines growler

Alas, they too did not yet have their license and I was not able to get any of their beer.

With all these failed attempts, one might think I was frustrated or upset. Actually it’s quite the opposite. I have some new adventures under my belt and I know that next year there will be two breweries that will have their licenses and will be waiting for me. Craft brewing is growing so much right now that I’m constantly able to find new places wherever I go. I’ve even found 2 breweries in Artesia, NM. As long as I can get to new places, there is the hope and promise of new beer. What more could anyone ask for?

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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