Das Boot – ish

I like cans because they are almost infinitely easier to store and display than bottles. But, try as I might, I just don’t feel all fancy-schmancy when I drink from one. Well, problem solved. I found a plastic do-it-yourself beer stein that works with standard 12oz beer cans.  

Das Can-in-Stein, empty
Das Can-in-Stein, with can
It lets me feel like an aristocrat and gives me a convenient handle (because, let’s face it, I’m lazy). I can also use it for off size cans but  it just doesn’t look quite right.  

Das Can-in-Stein , off sized can
Same goes for bottles.  

Das Can-in-Stein, with bottle
But, hey… I got three more bottles/cans this trip so it’s all good right?

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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