To drink or not to drink

We’ve all been there. You work a hard day and you feel like you’ve earned yourself a beer. It’s a great feeling. But what if…

I got up at 4am this morning to drive to a super remote location. After an hour delay, then an hour on the highway, I find myself a passenger on what feels more like an amusement park ride than a dirt road.  The only picture I managed to get was in an area that wasn’t even that bad.

Next thing I know, the guy who doesn’t excerciae AT ALL is taking the most intense hike I’ve ever had to traverse. We are hiking up a mountain for an hour straight in Arizona desert/mountain region a stones throw from the Mexican border at a faster pace than I thought possible.

Hey, that’s pretty close to the border

At one point I had to be “that guy” and call for a break. I’m sure sure someone in that group is still laughing at me now. I’m climbing a slope so steep that my knuckle are practically scraping the ground. I decide that I can’t go any further and say “I need to sit down”. But, I just kept standing there. The people around me immediately go into nursing mode and start checking me for dehydration.  Am I still sweating?Good. Do I have enough water? Good. Let’s put some electrolytes in you water. Maybe you should eat something. And so on.

I did sit down. I ate and drank. And then I pushed on. In the end it was worth the trip.


Undisclosed location in the wilderness

So, if there was ever a day that I earned a beer… This was it. The problem here is that I know from experience that exposing myself to massive amounts of sun and dehydration does not mix well with beer. I’ve gone that route and felt horrible because of it.

So, what to do. We had such an early start that we were back to the hotel by 4pm. I’ve been hydrating ever since “the incident”. I jump in the pool to cool off and hydrate some more. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know I’m in for a night of getting up every hour to pee. But, I’m willing to pay the price. Finally, about 8pm, I’m ready for Miller Time. I figure at this point if I still feel bad after, I’m going to bed anyway. Raise your glass with me for this really well deserved beer.

Nimbus Red Ale


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