You want me to put that where?

Let’s chat about one of the challenges involved with bottle collecting. Displaying all of that “stuff”. I have a lot of bottles and cans. Seriously, there are a metric ass-ton of the things. So, just where am I supposed to put them all? Probably best for me if you don’t answer that the way I think you’re going to answer that.

For a while I got away with using 1 x 4 inch boards and “L” joints to make cheap and plentiful shelving.

Wall shelving

Combine that with putting cans into any nooks and crannies where I can use fun-tak or double sided tape and all was right with the universe for quite a while.

Cans in nooks and crannies

Once all Of that space is taken up, where do you turn?  My goal is… dun, dun, duuuun… the ceiling. Don’t laugh! There’s a lot of space up there. The problem here is that gravity is a petty-ass bitch.  Builders have put a lot of effort through the years into dealing with gravity for displaying things on walls.  Pictures, televisions, shelves.  They all work based on gravity pulling the thing you’re trying to display down the side of the wall. All we’ve really done with ceilings is hang things.  It doesn’t seem like that should be a totally different thing, but it is.  Hanging bottles from the ceiling would make me a ceiling display of a thousand or so round bottle bottoms.  Not at all what I’m looking for.  Try building a ledge on a ceiling and all you will have to show for it is a lot of broken glass on your floor. Unless you find a very different way to counter gravity.  Cans (as usual) are easy.  I’ve managed to get cans to stick to the ceiling.

Cans on the ceiling

The idea from here was to attach magnets to the bottles and let the magnets take hold of the metal “L” brackets you see mounted up there.

Bottles on the ceiling using magnets

Brilliant, right? Well… not so much. Turns out that adhesives and glass aren’t as buddy buddy as I had planned. About an hour after I set this up, I heard the dreaded sound of a bottle smashing to the ground. But (just in case any magnet enthusiasts are crapping their pants in suspense right now) the magnet was still smugly staring at me from the ceiling when I went to investigate. I pulled the rest of the bottles down and sulked the rest of the night because now I’m back to square 1.

In my mind adhesives of any kind are out as a possible solution at this point. Sooner or later they will fail. And then I’m out more bottles. I just can’t take that kind of loss again. For my next trick I found some metal corner bead made for working with stucco.

Mesh corner bead
Corner bead is cheap

It’s cheap, and I can attach it to the existing brackets to make a kind of basket-like lip that would hold the bottles. There are two problems with this approach. The first is that I would have to cut it to fit my ceiling and it’s a bear to cut through every joint of the mesh.  The second is that the bottom part of the mesh is 3 inches long, which would cover up much of bottle that I’m trying to display.  After playing around with it a bit, I decided that this isn’t really an option that I can make work.

Next up, I managed to find some “U” shaped pieces of thin metal.

“U” shaped metal of mystery
Mystery metal is still cheap

I don’t have any idea what this mystery metal is supposed to be used for. Therefore, I have to assume that someone made it specifically for putting bottles on the ceiling. It’s nearly as cheap as the stucco mesh and has a nice small lip that I can use to hold the bottom of the bottle without blocking the label.  I just wish that whoever designed this specifically for putting bottles on the ceiling would have made the place where the bottom of the bottle goes the right dimensions.  Right now there’s a bit too much space there for my liking.

But it’s the best plan I have so far.  I also think it will look better than the stucco mesh once everything is set up.

So… what do you think?  Am I crazy… stupid… both?  Will this work? Could I be taking an entirely different approach to this?  Let me know and I’ll keep you informed when I finally get around to putting this stuff up and testing it out.

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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