All Hail King Bottle!

Sometimes you just have to work a little harder to get what you want. A year or two ago I was visiting family in Upstate New York and came across the biggest bottle of beer I had ever seen. The legendary 3 liter bottle of Stone Double Bastard Ale.

Stone Double Bastard 3 Litre Bottle

I REALLY wanted this bottle. But I was at the end of my trip, had filled my checked bag with other bottles, and had about run my budget dry. The $95 price tag was a bit too much at the time. I checked around with distributors in Florida. But, at that time there was still a crazy law on the books that didn’t allow sale of beer in containers between 32 ounces and 1 gallon in size. It was a stupid law and I’m glad it’s gone. But, no Double Bastard Ale bottle for me.

The next time I saw the bottle was last Thanksgiving at my favorite North Carolina combination tea and beer store – Harrika’s Brew Haus. I was driving this time so I could have transported it with no problem. However, the price had now gone up to $125. Still too rich for my blood, and I walked away from it a second time.

It was one of those decisions that I knew I was going to regret. And I did. It’s a hole in my collection that I was dying to fill. So, when I found myself getting ready for a trip to San Diego I knew that the prime directive of the trip was going to be to get that bottle come hell or high water.

Before the trip I found the nearest Stone Brewing to the hotel where I was staying and called to see if they had the 3 liter growler. It’s a good thing I called because they had to special order it. But I knew I was going to get it. Unfortunately, it was going to be $85. I was going to have to severely limit my beer budget for the trip to little more than this bottle. But, it would be worth it. To prepare I made a size estimate (around 18″) from the pictures online and measured my bag and shelf space to make sure I could actually get it home and fit it on my shelf.

Measuring the bag
Measuring the shelf

All was going according to plan. Growlers are not like regular bottles beer. They are beer on tap put into a temporary storage vessel. They have to be refrigerated or they will spoil. I would have to buy the bottle on Monday, drink about a pint and a half per night, and polish the bottle off before heading back. It could work!.

There was a small glitch in the plan. The hotel room only had a tiny refrigerator and the bottle wouldn’t fit.

Double Bastard Doesn’t Fit

Same goes for the ice bucket.

Double Bastard on ice bucket

After an emergency crowd sourcing session (asking advice on Facebook) we figured out that I could pull out the shelves in the refrigerator.

3 litre Double Bastard in refrigerator

I drank responsibly for 4 days. Packed up my bottle and put King Bottle in it’s rightful place. All hail King Bottle!

King Bottle

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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