Shelf Day Part 2

It’s not going so hot. In fact, it’s rally rough going so far.  In case anyone doesn’t already know this about me, I’m not a very handy kind of guy.  In my mad dash to prep all of the shelves before the rain on Friday, I discarded the wrong small piece of wood to fill this gap and had to find and then paint the right piece.

Gap filler shelf

Then I forgot to adjust the length of two pieces of wood that were going to meet in a corner and had to re-cut and repaint those pieces.

Next I fall victim to something that, admittedly, I brought on myself. Every time I sit on the ground, one of my dogs decides that it’s lap time. Very hard to work with a boxer sitting on you.

Boxerus interuptus

Always best to let him get it out of his system or he’ll hound me forever.

Now I’m ready to get down to the real task at hand. But, the problems aren’t over yet. I find the studs, mark everything up, and start putting screws in the wall. Standard procedure. But, this is an old house and I’m never quite sure what I’m going to find behind the walls. Could be plain wood, could be concrete, could be a mystery. This time I hit a mystery. The screws are going most of the way in and then breaking off.  Any idea what could be causing this?  It’s got me stumped.

Broken screw

Now I have to start improvising with the hardware I have available. I have anchors, but the screws they come with won’t lay flat (unacceptable for shelving.

Anchors with the wrong type of screws

So, I find some concrete screws that lay flat and fit in the anchors.  Not ideal, but it will work.

The wrong screws for the right job

So, I manged to get 1 filler shelf and 2 regular shelves up today.

Unimpressive start

Not a very impressive start. But, I’m going to keep at it.


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