Shelving Day Part 3

With a little help from my friends indeed. I was so frustrated by my last attempt at putting up shelving that a friend (who actually knows how to do stuff like this) offered to bring over his hammer drill and watch over me as I drill in potentially dangerous areas of my wall. Oddly enough the real danger wasn’t in where I was drilling, but rather how I was drilling. As it turns out, using a hammer drill on a wall with several hundred beer bottles results in bottles dancing all over the place and threatening to leap to their deaths. This slowed things down a bit as I had to find a temporary place for all the bottles that were already on the shelves.

One thing I actually planned out well was that the display really needed something besides beer bottles to break up the vast sea of sameness. Thus, I built a tiki idol into the shelving. I think it will really add to the look.

Tiki idol in shelving

We managed to fill every available inch of wall space with large, and sometimes very small, shelving.

Adding tiny shelves

With only one trip to the hardware store to get more brackets and no bleeding, this almost didn’t really count as a project. But, I’m going to count it due to the effort we had to put into haphazardly routing out a divot in one shelf to avoid an old defunct cable outlet in the wall.

Hacked routing

So, mission shelving is now complete!

Shelving installed

As an added bonus, here is a link to a 360 degree panoramic image of the display, half empty, as it currently stands. The next bit of fun will be filling it all up. I still have way more bottles than shelves.

360 Panoramic of Half Empty Shelving

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