Challenge accepted

When I go to a new brewery, I like to get a flight of beers (sampling of several beers) to get a good feel for the brewing style. I’ve seen flights that range from 4-8 glasses filled with 2-6 ounces each of different beers. Combined, you usually end up with about a pint of beer.

I’m visiting friends and family in my home town area of the Southern Tier of New York State and there are definitely a lot of new breweries that sprang up in my absence. Some friends took me to a brewery called The Farmhouse Brewery in Owego, NY and I asked for a flight of beer. Between the master brewer, Marty, and my friends they talked me into trying the “Taste of the Farmhouse” flight that has one of every beer and cider on tap.

Taste of the Farmhouse deal

At some places that would be a regular flight. But The Farmhouse has 15 beers and ciders on tap.

15 beer and cider flight
Beer and cider listing at Farmhouse Brewery

Don’t get me wrong. $15 for a 15 count flight is a hell of a good deal. But, man, that’s a lot of beer and a lot of variety. At 2 ounces each we’re talking about 30 ounces of beer. That’s really only about the same as having 2 pints (not a crazy thing to expect for a night out at a bar). But, many of those beers have a hefty alcohol content and shifting styles that often can overwhelm your pallet.

Well, I managed to make it through the super flight and enjoyed all of them. Then (because it’s all about the bottles in the long run) I got a growler to take home with me. I’m just glad someone else was driving.

Mission accomplished

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