The land that time forgot

Roscoe, NY is a small town that has at least some significance to most of my family. For my grandfather it was the town where he was born and the town where he is now buried. For my Mother’s generation the Roscoe Diner was where you stopped to eat on the way to or from New York City.

Sign for the Roscoe Diner
The Roscoe Diner

For Mrs. Usedhair and I it was this mysterious land that time forgot. As we would drive past Roscoe cell phone signal was non existent and if you put the radio on seek mode it would run around and around searching for about 10 minutes as you cruised down the road before it could manage to find anything at all.

On our vacation in the Southern Tier of New York we decided to drive out to Long Island for a few days. On the way there we noticed that Roscoe had cell phone signal, radio stations galore, and… A brewery!

Roscoe NY Beer Co. Sign

Now this is something I had to see.   On the trip back we made a point of stopping in. I assumed the sign visible from the highway meant that the brewery would be right by the road as well. So we pulled into downtown Roscoe looking to find it without bothering with the help of a map. What we found there had me quite worried.

Roscoe NY Beer Co. Outpost

Fortunately, this is merely an outpost that they use to serve the downtown area in the evenings and at events. We found the real brewery just up the road.  I was originally a bit confused by the apparent dual naming between Trout Town and Roscoe NY Beer Co.  But, they let me know that the name of the brewery is Roscoe NY Beer Co. and the Trout Town is a specific line of beers that they produce.  Makes sense.

Roscoe NY Beer Co. Brewery Sign
Roscoe NY Beer Co.

This place is awesome! They have amazing decorations, a great sense of humor and a “Self Serve Beer Wall” where you charge a card card looking thing and use it to get your beer when you want it.

Roscoe NY Beer Co. decor
Roscoe NY Beer Co. sense of humor
Self serve beer wall

Most important, they have a great selection of beer. In fact, the selection was so good that Mrs. Usedhair managed to find enough styles that she enjoys and got her first flight.

Mrs. Usedhair’s first flight

All that was left at that point was to get bottles to take home. They do have regular bottles, but they only sell them at places “in town”. So, off we went to find some, worried that we would have to get a six pack of each just to get two bottles. Lucky for us we stopped at the Roscoe Diner for lunch first and saw this on the placemats.

Order Trout Town Beer

So, I ordered one of each with lunch and managed to get 2 bottles for the collection.

Trout Town (Roscoe NY Beer Co.) bottles

And, I was really happy to see Roscoe, NY catch up so well with the rest of the world. Time finally remembered Roscoe.

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

5 thoughts on “The land that time forgot”

  1. I wondered who your father was? My dad was Jim Elliott and he too was raised in Roscoe and is buried there. He loved this town. Thanks for your article?

    1. For my Mom and Dad’s generation, the importance of Roscoe was stopping at the Roscoe Diner on their way to New York City. My grandfather grew up there and is buried there. His name is Robert Earl Tripp. My great grandmother was from Roscoe (is buried in Roscoe) and has the much more Roscoe-recognizable name of Gertrude Cochrane. That Cochrane name is found quite a bit in the cemeteries in Roscoe.

    1. Grandfather was Robert Earl Tripp. The Tripp name isn’t all that familiar in Roscoe. My great grandmother was Gertrude Cochrane. The Cochrane name might be more familiar.

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