Slow down big boy

Traveling for work comes in waves for me. Between an unusually high volume of work travel to Texas, Arizona, and California, as well as a vacation that spanned much of New York State, I have been buying up a lot of beer.  It’s really been starting to pile up in the fridge.

Beer piling up in the fridge
More beer piling up in the fridge

Add to that my regular local stops to keep up with new and rare items.

Local new and rare beer finds

Put it all together and I have 49 beers waiting around for me to drink them!

Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. I would just drink it at my leisure and not worry about it. But, I’m traveling to West Virginia next week and should be bringing back even more! I have enough problems trying to store all the empty bottles. Finding places for all the full ones too is getting challenging. Almost makes we wish I drank more so I could clear them out. At least I know that travel will die down soon and I’ll have plenty of time to clear out some full bottles.

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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