I must break you

I don’t have to (or want to) break bottles. Rather it’s records that I need to break. The last record I broke was bringing back 24 bottles and cans from West Virginia in a single checked bag. I mentioned at the time that the bag still had room and weight to spare.

So, on my recent trip to San Diego, I was all set to try and break that record. Well, circumstances worked out such that I was actually able to bring two checked bags on this trip. Holy contributing to the delinquency of minors Batman! That’s a lot of room. Now I just had to find a ton of bottles and cans that I could afford. The goal here is to get singles of regular sized (e.g., 12 or 16 oz) beer that isn’t a special release or expensive for some other reason.

The first store I found in San Diego had quite the expensive selection and I passed on it. The next day I tried Bottlecraft Beer in North Park.

Bottlecraft Beer North Park

The first thing I saw was a similar display of single bottles both warm and cold, with some up front that looked pretty expensive.

Bottlecraft singles display

I figured I would either do really bad or really good here.  Upon closer inspection I could see $1.99 and $2.59 bottle and cans scattered throughout.  So I told the person behind the counter that my goal was 2 cases in cheap single bottles and he started handing me boxes.  It probably took me at least half an hour.  But, I scoured the shelves and coolers.  I was specifically looking to get out of there with California beers.  Hopefully, from breweries that I didn’t already have in my collection.  When we tallied everything up, it came to 46.  I was just a little short.  So, I grabbed 2 bottles and 1 can from Evil Twin Brewing.  They are from Brooklyn, NY.  But I didn’t have any beer from them yet.  So, I was still calling it a win.  This is getting exciting now.  I have 49 beers from 25 different breweries and 21 of those breweries are new.  This is a huge score.

49 bottles and cans from 25 breweries

Happy with my conquest, I go about the rest of my trip.  On the last night I stop into another brewery that I will talk about in my next post.  Despite having a lot of difficulty getting bottles directly from breweries on this trip, I manage to get 3 more bottles there.  So, now I’m up to 52 bottles and cans!  I’ve never tried anything like this before.  I pack with my patented “barely give a shit” method of rolling beers in clothing and manage to get 26 beers in each checked bag.  As usual, they all made it home unharmed.  So, in case anyone is keeping track, the new record is 52 beers in a single flight with 26 beers in a single checked bag.  The bags weighed 46 and 47 lbs.  Thus, I feel like I might still push this one even further. Only time will tell.

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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