Last tango in San Diego – Part 1

Work finished early on my last day in San Diego. So I had plenty of time for one last run at breweries. Rather than try and squeeze three brewery visits into one post, I’ll split the day up with one post for each brewery. Let’s give these places our full attention for a while. I think they deserve it.

First up was Bolt Brewery.

Bolt Brewery

We passed Bolt all week long on our daily commute to the work site, so it was calling to me all week long. It was good to finally get there for real.  Before even looking at food, I worked my way into a flight.

Bolt Brewery flight

The selection was broad enough that I wasn’t limited to pale ales, IPAs, and Hefeweizens. I was able to get a Belgian dubbel, Belgian tripel, a double Irish red, and a nitro stout. I can definitely get into the kind of brewery that makes a full blown interesting lineup.

The tap room had a good laid back vibe about it. And the bar tender was easy to talk to. I asked about growlers and was not at all surprises to find they didn’t have them. If I hadn’t obtained King Bottle on my last trip to San Diego, I would begin to think they are illegal in California.  So, no bottle from Bolt for my collection. However, I did see an interesting item on one of the pint glasses.

Bolt Brewery pint glass with cover
Bolt Brewery pint glass with cover

The black disk in these pictures is a pretty substantial (maybe ceramic?) cover for pint glasses.  The bar tender explained to me that they are so you can enjoy your beer outside and not have to worry about bugs or debris falling into your pint.  I’m not a very outdoorsy kind of guy, so this particular scenario is not one I typically face.  But, I am all about interesting new beer products.  Once it was shown to me, I told the bar tender to just go ahead and leave it right in front of me.  There was no way I was walking out of there without this cool new beer toy.

I did convince them to take some of my coasters before I left.  But, then I was off to another brewery.  Where did I go after Bolt?  See if you can figure it out based on this picture from under a bridge next door.

Bridge art in San Diego

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