Container Review – White Lightning

Today we are looking at Full Pint Brewing Company – White Lightning – Belgian-style white ale brewed with spices.

Full Pint Brewing Company – White Lightning

Name: Something more than simply listing the company name and style of beer. But could have more oomph.

Art work: Nice painting. I assume there is a back story to this art that I wish they were sharing with the rest of us.

Label quality: The label is mostly straight (you can see in the description picture below that it’s not perfect), not peeling away, and made from moisture tolerant paper so it doesn’t get ruined from condensation (or sitting in an ice bucket).

Bottle neck label: No bottle neck label.

White Lightning description

Beer description: Very detailed and a hint of humor with “shockingly refreshing”.

Just the facts: ABV, O.G. They even specify the malts and hops used.

Full Pint beer cap

Bottle cap: Full print bottle cap. Classy.

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