Container Review – Benchmark Table Beer

Time for another container review.  Today’s lucky winner is Benchmark Brewing CompanyTable Beer.

Benchmark Table Beer front
Name: Description of the beer.  Dullsville.
Art work: Crisp, Clean, and simple.  Not bad, but not my style.  I like complicated artwork with lots of detail.  I do like the highly reflective can surface being used (even though it makes pictures hard to capture).
Benchmark Table Beer back

Beer description: Lots of description of where/when to drink the beer.  But, not much in the way of describing the actual beer.  Leaves me with a lot of questions such as: What is a table beer?  Is there some history to the name/style?  Is this a light beer, a hoppy beer, a yeasty beer?

Just the facts: ABV only.  Still not answering any of my questions about color, bitterness, types of malts or yeasts used, etc.  But I have plenty of information on their social media outlets.
Pop top:  Nothing new here.  Standard pop top.
Label quality: The can has a few crinkles.  Only defects are my own fault. Benchmark is blame free on this one.

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