Container Review – Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout

Let’s take a look at the bottle for Lazy Magnolia – Jefferson Stout.

Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout front
Name: Not sure who Jeff is, but it’s at least more than just the style of beer.
Art work: Not a whole lot going on in the art department here.  More design work than art work.
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout description
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout additional description
Beer description: Very nice description of the beer and what I can expect to taste when I dip into it.  Also, it’s apparently “The Ideal Sweet Southern Stout” in case you were wondering.
Just the facts: No IBU or SRM.  But they do give you some food pairing suggestions.
IMG_5350 (1)
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout cap

Bottle cap: Nice image on the cap.  And I’m even less likely at this point to forget that they are from Mississippi

Label quality: Good, water resistant paper.  All of the labels are on straight and nothing is peeling away.
Bottle neck label: No neck label.

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