Container Review – Parish Brewing Canebrake

Today’s review is for Parish Brewing Company – Canebrake.  Enjoy.

Parish Brewing – Canbrake – front
Name: Creative name.  No idea what it means, but it’s creative.
Art work: I like the use of a single color.  It’s simple, but still creative.

Parish Brewing – Canbrake – description

Beer description:  They say it’s a Louisiana style wheat, but don’t provide any description of what that means.  Just a stock statement about all their beers.
Just the facts: All about the ABV.  But, nothing else.
Parish Brewing – Canbrake – cap


Bottle cap: Nice Parish Brewing artwork on the top.  Still rocking the single color scheme.
Label quality: Good quality.  Nothing peeling away.
Bottle neck label: None

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