Container Review – Yards Brawler

Today, I’m taking a look at Yards Brewing Co. – Brawler.

Yards Brawler – front

Name: Excellent.  Most of Yards beers (at least the ones that I have seen) are named after US Founding Fathers.  Good to see them venture out into other areas. I’m not sure that a “Pugilist Style Ale” is an actual thing, but what do I know about beer.

Art work: Quite nice.  Ties the theme together.  I’m sure there’s a story about why the Brawler is boxing the Devil.  Wish I know what that story was.

Yards Brawler description
Yards Brawler neck label
Yards Brawler additional description
Yards Brawler even yet more description
Beer description: The big description on the main label covers the brewery and the additional description on the neck label covers the beer.  Pretty thorough.
Just the facts: Just ABV.  Wish there was more considering all of the descriptions going on.
Bottle neck label: It’s there and it has lots of info.  Go team.
Label quality: This is an example of why I evaluate label quality.  This neck label is peeling back.  Sometimes this can be caused by condensation, but I looked through every bottle available and this was the best hey had to offer.  Too many breweries just don’t put forth a lot of effort on this front.  Time to step up your game Yards.

Yards Brawler cap

Bottle cap:  Nice artwork on the cap.

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