Last tango in San Diego – part 3

This is the final post in for the last day in San Diego series. On this day I’ve already been to Bolt Brewery and Iron Fist Brewing. Now my copilot and I have stopped back at the hotel to pick up a third co-worker and we headed out into the night to find a brewery more appropriate for dinner.

So far as I can tell, this is the last of the breweries in the Gas Light district that I have not yet been to. It did not disappoint. After spending 10 minutes parking followed by a 10 minute walk (all to avoid a 20 minute walk from the hotel) we arrived as Half Door Brewing Co.

Half Door Brewing Co.

From the outside, it looks much like a residential home. But they change that perception the second you walk in the door and see the impressive 2 story glass cabinets behind the bar.

Half Door Brewing cabinets

They had an impressive range of beer and some food/beer pairing suggestions. I had a “pale and pie” which was a combination of the Brewer’s Pie and a pale ale.

Half Door Brewing pale and pie

Everything was great. But where did they stand with the big issues?  I asked about growlers and was not at all surprised to find that they did not have any. Disappointing, but I was used to it in San Diego at this point. On the other hand, they did take some of my coasters. So, I still like them.

Container review – Peerless Pale Ale

Today’s review is for Peerless Pale Ale from Portsmouth Brewing.

Name: Meh. Mostly just a description of the style of beer.

Art work: pretty basic and fairly dull. There just isn’t a lot going on here.

Peerless Pale Ale label info

Beer description: there is a description that at least provides an explanation of the name.

Just the facts: I don’t even see an ABV listed here. No facts.

Label quality: as you can see in the picture, this is a paper label that is very susceptible to water damage. No Bueno.

Bottle neck label: no neck label (like that should be a surprise with this bottle)

Peerless Pale Ale cap

Bottle cap: we have lettering here. But still not much in the way or art.