Amsterdam in Toronto?

I was in Amsterdam last December.  Then, when I’m in Toronto, I find Amsterdam Brewhouse.  Well… it seems that it’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to have to paint it.

I’m on my first official day of conference proceedings and in full “need to find places that co-workers are willing to visit” mode.  And, I find that Amsterdam Brewhouse is the closest brewery to the convention hotel… and they have a descent looking lunch menu. How do you go wrong with a choice like that.  Spoiler alert… you don’t go wrong with a choice like that.

Wavy walkways outside Amsterdam Brewhouse

As our group is coming up to the brewhouse, we see some really cool looking wavy walkways.  I’m an Ugly American and a bit of an idiot, so I ignored the “don’t fall on your ass” warning signs and the generally blocked off nature of the whole thing and walked on them.  Fortunately, no harm came to me (dodged one bullet for the day).

Don’t fall on your ass warning

At last, we came upon the brewhouse itself.  It was definitely impressive from the outside.  No skimping here.

Amsterdam Brewhouse outside

Inside, it is what you expect from a good brew pub.  They have their brewing equipment prominently displayed along with a metric ass-ton of barrels (although I don’t remember seeing many barrel aged beers on their menu).

Amsterdam Brewhouse brewing equipment

They also have an impressive bar area a puzzling fire hydrant in a seemingly inconvenient location.

Amsterdam Brewhouse bar area

I was also impressed with some funky-yet-simple bottle art created by laying bottles down in rows and lighting the cabinet.  Makes me wish I was more of a crafty person so I could make things like this.  Maybe I’ll see if I can get Mrs. UsedHair to try her hand with something like it.

Amsterdam Brewhouse bottle art

Of course, in the end, it all boils down to one thing.  Did I get any cans or bottles out of the trip.  This is one place where Toronto really has their shit together.  Just about every brewery there seems to have a “bottle store” connected to the brewery.  I was able to get 6 cans and 1 bottle there. All told it was well worth checking out.

Cans and bottle from Amsterdam Brewhouse

Sheik Yerbouti but not your beer

There is a mall in the area of Washington, DC (Actually, it’s in Arlington, VA, but the two places are pretty much the same in my head) where I travel quite a bit. The entrance to this mall has been under construction for years. Recently, I finished a meeting and found myself with time for lunch before heading towards the airport. And at the front of the mall is a brand spanking new area of the mall that has finally finished construction with a new place to eat called Shake Shack.

Shake Shack in Arlington, VA
Brooklyn Brewery Shackmeister Ale sign

Well, it certainly seemed like a worth while place to check out for lunch.  So, we headed on over.  As we approached the building, something caught my eye.

I’m pretty familiar with Brooklyn Brewery, and I was pretty sure that Shackmeister had to be something specific to Shake Shack.  Turns out I was right.  I got a really good burger, some excellent ice cream, and (most important) a new beer with lunch.

Brooklyn Brewing Shackmeister tap
Brooklyn Brewing Shackmeister half in my belly

Obviously, I didn’t get a bottle out of this visit.  But, it made for a cool afternoon and a more relaxed metro ride to the airport.

Container Review – Full Pint – Little Brown

We have a second review from Full Pint Brewing Company.  Tonight we check out the bottle for Little Brown.

Full Pint Little Brown front

Name: The name is a play on the type of beer and the Little Brown Bat in the artwork.  Clever.

Art work: That is some pretty impressive artwork of a Little Brown Bat.  Nicely done.

Label quality: Paper quality is excellent.  Nothing is peeling away.  However, you can see in the picture below that the front label and back label don’t quite match up in height.  Super picky on my part.

Bottle neck label:  N/A

Full Pint Little Brown description

Beer description:  Describes the beer and the story behind the name.  A+ on this one.

Just the facts: Everything but the kitchen sink here.  ABC, IBU, even O.G.  Also includes list of all of the malts and hops used.  Super impressive.

Full Pint Little Brown cap

Bottle cap:  Standard Full Pint cap.  Still a good cap.