Container Review – Full Pint – Little Brown

We have a second review from Full Pint Brewing Company.  Tonight we check out the bottle for Little Brown.

Full Pint Little Brown front

Name: The name is a play on the type of beer and the Little Brown Bat in the artwork.  Clever.

Art work: That is some pretty impressive artwork of a Little Brown Bat.  Nicely done.

Label quality: Paper quality is excellent.  Nothing is peeling away.  However, you can see in the picture below that the front label and back label don’t quite match up in height.  Super picky on my part.

Bottle neck label:  N/A

Full Pint Little Brown description

Beer description:  Describes the beer and the story behind the name.  A+ on this one.

Just the facts: Everything but the kitchen sink here.  ABC, IBU, even O.G.  Also includes list of all of the malts and hops used.  Super impressive.

Full Pint Little Brown cap

Bottle cap:  Standard Full Pint cap.  Still a good cap.

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