Container review – Red Cypress Devil’s Chair

Time for another container review. Today we’re going to take a look one of the very first cans from an up and coming brewery in Central Florida. Red Cypress Brewery opened about a year ago and has already progressed to a point where they are producing cans for distribution. I see big things in the future for this brewery. If they aren’t in your area, I’m sure they will be some day.

without further delay, Here is Devil’s Chair from Red Cypress Brewery.

Devil’s Chair Can – front

Name: I’m always glad when a beer is named something above and beyond just the style of the beer.  And Devil’s Chair just plain sounds cool.

Art work: The interpretation of Devil’s chair is pretty funny.  And extra points because they got the Red Cypress logo in there as well in a meaningful way.

Devil’s Chair Can – description

Beer description:  Now we’re cookin’ with gas.  Finally, a description that actually explains the name of the beer.  They also give a good indication of what to expect from the flavor.  And, to boot, they throw in more devil jokes.  A+

Just the facts: ABV and IBU.  The standards, but the IBU is critical knowledge for IPAs, so good on them.

Label quality: The label is fully printed on the can (not a cheap plastic sleeve) and there are no nicks, scratches, or dents.  This one’s pretty well done.

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