Brother can you spare an idea?

As I’ve discussed before, There are a lot of challenges involved in displaying all of my bottles and cans.  Today, I would really like to put a call out to get some ideas on how to best handle my growing stockpile of cans.  The end goal here is to use space on the ceiling to display them all.

Cans on the ceiling

The challenge is in how to get them to stay on the ceiling.  In the past, I’ve tried fun-tack.  But that doesn’t seems to last forever and cans end up peeling away.

Fun-tack fail leads to cans peeling away

The current plan involves attaching magnets to the cans and sticking the magnets to metal rails that I can attach to the ceiling.

Metal rail with magnets attached to cans

There are two problems with this approach.  One is that, even though I am using only a small dot of adhesive on the magnet itself, all of the adhesives I have tried end up creating a ring of schmutz on the can that make it look like a 3 year old slathered paste all over the place.

Adhesive schmutz

The other problem is that all adhesives prove to be even less permanent than the fun-tack and the cans still end up peeling away from the ceiling. How are magnets and aluminum so impervious to adhesives? Son of a…

So… that leaves me with trying to find a method of getting the magnets to permanently stay on the can without permanently damaging or altering the can.  As a test run, I’ve used masking tape and the magnets are, indeed, strong enough to still hold the can to the metal (I purchased really good magnets).

Masking tape holing magnet in place

The problems with this approach are that the tape will end leaving adhesive junk all over the can and that it looks horrible for display purposes.

OK younglings.  Time to start generating some ideas here.  How can I get these cans up on the ceiling in a way that:

  1. Does not damage or alter the can itself
  2. Does not result in an ugly display
  3. Allows the magnet to have enough contact with the metal
  4. Is economically viable for 500+ cans?


If at first you don’t succeed

I travel quite a bit and seek out new breweries wherever I go.  However, like the person that grows up on Long Island and never visits New York City, I often find that there are breweries in Orlando that I just never get around to checking out.  One day at work, a group of us were trying to list out all of the Central Florida breweries and found a new one that no one had yet heard of called Deadly Sins.  The next time Mrs. UsedHair and I were heading to that area of Orlando, we decided to hit them up to see if I should get everyone from work to high tail it over there. There weren’t a lot of people there, but that was good because it gave us a chance to get pictures of all the cool artwork and get a tour with the owner.

Deadly Sins art work
More Deadly Sins art work
Tour with Tom

Mrs. UsedHair and I are big dog lovers.  So, we were really happy to find out that Deadly Sins is dog friendly and that we were able to meet the official pet of Deadly Sins, Luke.

Deadly Sins mascot Luke

There was only one problem with Deadly Sins the first time we went there. They had just opened and did not yet have their own beer on tap.  For a bottle/can collector, this resulted in me failing to meet my prime directive. Fortunately, Deadly Sins is not too far away.  So, when they had their grand opening I was able to go back again and get a growler of Crème Del Diablo.

At the grand opening of Deadly Sins brewing in winter park. Tons of people. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Coming back a second time really paid off.  I was able to see the place with a big crowd, live music, a food truck, etc.  I even got a chance to get a really good walk through with the 360 camera.

So many lessons learned early in life continue to serve us today.  In this case, it was “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again”.  Now I just need to gather up the beer lovers at work and get over there with a group.

I have decided!

As we say goodbye to 2016, I figure it’s time to honor some friends that I lost this year.  One of my favorite quotes comes from a story that involves both friends that were lost to the world in 2016.  I can’t begin to be the story teller that one of them was, but I can at least provide you with the story behind the quote:

Lincoln (who passed away this year from cancer) enters the house of Robbo (who passed away this year from complications with diabetes) and Lincoln is obviously very agitated, pacing back and forth across the living room deep in thought. After a few minutes, Lincoln stops in the middle of the room and loudly declares “I have decided!… listening to a book on tape and reading a book are the same thing!”.  Apparently Lincoln’s brother had been picking on him because he kept saying “reading” when he was referring to listening to an audio book. In Lincoln’s mind this set off an internal philosophical debate on the nature of reading vs. listening to someone else read.  The need to clear up the distinction in his own mind was the kind of Sheldon Cooper like antics that we all loved in Lincoln.  The ability to tell a fantastic story about it later on was one of the superpowers that we all loved in Robbo.

The things that make me come to epiphany decisions are not quite as philosophical as the distinction between reading and listening to someone else read.  However, I do love to shout “I have decided!” when I feel like I’ve finally figured something out that probably shouldn’t have been much of a mystery to begin with.  Most recently, this moment came about across two back to back brewery visits.  On one Saturday, Mrs. UsedHair and I had to travel to the other side of Orlando to pick something up.  As we are prone to do, we figured we would find a brewery in the are to visit and found a new one called Deadly Sins.

Deadly Sins Brewing logo

The place looked quite unique and had interesting art hung all over the place.

7 Deadly Sins art series

I will supply a full brewery visit post about them very soon.  What’s important to the current tale is that they were so new that they didn’t yet have any of their own beer on tap.  As much as I love brewery visits, the prime directive in any situation is to get a bottle or can to add to the collection.  So, I failed my mission on this trip.  Please note that since the time I first visited Deadly Sins has had it’s official grand opening and is selling their own beer.  Please don’t avoid the place because you think they aren’t open yet due to my story.  That would make me and the owner (Tom) a sad panda.

The next week, Mrs. UsedHair and I ventured up to Jacksonville to check out the zoo.  On the way back we found the brewery that would take us the least out of our way and stopped in.  I don’t usually hang out in Jacksonville, so I had no way of knowing that Wicked Barley was also a super new brewery and also was not yet serving their own beer.

Wicked Barley tap list

Wicked Barley has also started serving their own beer since this visit and will also have it’s own brewery visit post.  The recurring problem here is that I had another brewery visit with a failed bottle/can mission.  This can’t keep happening.  Therefore… I have decided!… that I will always call an unknown brewery before driving there to double check that they have their  own beer.