Brother can you spare an idea?

As I’ve discussed before, There are a lot of challenges involved in displaying all of my bottles and cans.  Today, I would really like to put a call out to get some ideas on how to best handle my growing stockpile of cans.  The end goal here is to use space on the ceiling to display them all.

Cans on the ceiling

The challenge is in how to get them to stay on the ceiling.  In the past, I’ve tried fun-tack.  But that doesn’t seems to last forever and cans end up peeling away.

Fun-tack fail leads to cans peeling away

The current plan involves attaching magnets to the cans and sticking the magnets to metal rails that I can attach to the ceiling.

Metal rail with magnets attached to cans

There are two problems with this approach.  One is that, even though I am using only a small dot of adhesive on the magnet itself, all of the adhesives I have tried end up creating a ring of schmutz on the can that make it look like a 3 year old slathered paste all over the place.

Adhesive schmutz

The other problem is that all adhesives prove to be even less permanent than the fun-tack and the cans still end up peeling away from the ceiling. How are magnets and aluminum so impervious to adhesives? Son of a…

So… that leaves me with trying to find a method of getting the magnets to permanently stay on the can without permanently damaging or altering the can.  As a test run, I’ve used masking tape and the magnets are, indeed, strong enough to still hold the can to the metal (I purchased really good magnets).

Masking tape holing magnet in place

The problems with this approach are that the tape will end leaving adhesive junk all over the can and that it looks horrible for display purposes.

OK younglings.  Time to start generating some ideas here.  How can I get these cans up on the ceiling in a way that:

  1. Does not damage or alter the can itself
  2. Does not result in an ugly display
  3. Allows the magnet to have enough contact with the metal
  4. Is economically viable for 500+ cans?


Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

5 thoughts on “Brother can you spare an idea?”

    1. This has been the simplest and best idea yet. I use one magnet inside the can and the other magnet outside the can like a magnet sandwich. I did a test run and it worked well with one can. It will double my magnet cost, but they are relatively cheap so it should be fine in the long run.

  1. hi … a relatively easy way .. if you are handy …. is you take 1 by 4 pine boards (they stain nice!) at what ever lengths you need .. then you use a forester bit .. approximately 2 1/2 inches (depending on the base and top of the cans) … and you use a drill press and drill holes ~1/4 inch deep @ 2 3/4 spaces ..for with minimal space. You do this for top and bottom boards .. then place cans in between and add end pieces of wood at the ends that is the “actual” measured “sandwich” space .. if your length is to long you may need a block in the middle.

    After you make one and are happy with it you can mount it to the roof with end mounted L-brackets .. or something similar.
    Here is the “trick” if you want more than one shelf …you can drill holes in the other side of the board and then add a second, third, fourth …… rows ….but this will start to get heavy & harder to work with ???

    The beauty of this is cans are not damaged and can be turned as required after the “roof shelves are mounted” … but hard to add new cans after up. I guess you build and fill units full then mount .. if they are permanently … not an issue?

    I do a bottom only shelf on my walls to display my beer cans .. they display well and really hard for cans to fall out .. even with grandsons!!

    You can call me for more detail if you like ….. good luck!!

    cheers bert

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