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I would hope that those who know me well think that I am a rather “unique” individual with some fairly creative ideas when I put my mind to it. In addition, I’m fairly confident that those who know me well understand that deep down in my core, I’m a cheap bastard. Together these particular less-than-super powers led me to decide that I needed a really big set of shelving to hold all my DVDs, and that I didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money on what is essentially a bunch of slabs of wood (have you seen the price of shelving? Ridiculous).  So, I put my big boy creative pants on and started thinking how I could put together some shelving that might tie in with beer and save some money.

As I mentioned, shelves are just slabs of wood with some posts that hold them apart.  Puzzling that bad boy out, the idea came to me that the posts that hold the slabs of wood apart in shelving don’t necessarily have to be more wood. They can be anything. What do I have a lot of? Well, beer bottles of course. But, I was worried that bottles themselves might not be sturdy enough to support all that weight. And, I don’t have many duplicates on bottles that I would be willing to sacrifice if the idea didn’t work out well.  You know, another item made of glass that looks sturdy as all heck are pint glasses. And I also have a metric ass-ton of those (some of which are duplicates, or ones I’m willing to sacrifice). Thus, the journey began. However, I KNOW that those who know me well understand that I’m not much of makey kind of person and I’m absolutely not anything resembling a carpenter. So, I had to figure out a way to make the shelves such that minor things like “precision” and “quality” would not show over much.

First, I had to make sure the idea would work at all. I took 7 1 x 6 boards (wide enough to hold DVDs) and stacked them on top of three disposable pint glasses in the back yard figuring that most of the weight is not coming from the DVDs, but rather the wood. I left them for a day and they did not break. Good enough for me (remember that precision and quality are minor things to me). It was time to start production proper. So, I sanded and painted the shelves and left them to dry in my office (as I don’t have a garage).

Shelves drying in the office

Next up, I had to create something to make the pint glass posts tall enough (they are a few inches shorter than DVDs). Fortunately, I have a bunch of scrap 1 x 4s left over from building the shelving for bottles. I turned those into wood blocks and Mrs. UsedHair painted them all sorts of funky colors for me.

Painted wood blocks
More funky colored wood blocks

The next few steps involved lots of epoxy. I glued the wood blocks together in batches of three, making sure to stagger them so that odd angles and child-like construction would seem “part of the design”.

Epoxied wood blocks

Once the blocks were together, I epoxied the blocks to the pint glasses, again alternating putting them on the tops or bottoms of the glasses to keep the design a bit “hectic”.

Wood blocks epoxied to glasses

The next step was where the real fun began.  Gluing glasses and blocks to the shelving itself, first had to occur one shelf at at time.

Each shelf with glasses and blocks

Then I was able to stack them into sets of two or three shelves.  So far the process has consisted of lots of applying epoxy and tons of waiting for things to dry.

Double layers of shelves

Along the way I learned some lessons and managed to put the worst epoxy jobs on the bottom shelf.

Epoxied blocks and glass not even close to the center of the shelf

But then the big moment arrived and I was able to epoxy and stack the whole kit-n-kaboodle.  I even thought to put some straps across the back of the shelving to maintain lateral support (however, I misjudged the “center” of the shelves so the point where the strapping meets in the “middle” is horribly aligned).

Shelving fully constructed

I don’t think it turned out half bad considering I hardly ever actually “build” anything.  And once I got the DVDs on there, you can’t really see the crappy strapping job at all.

Completed shelving with DVDs

Looks like I made a little too much shelving.  Guess I’ll have to by more DVDs now.

Author: UsedHair

I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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