A Wicked brew enbiggens the smallest drinker

I usually drive through Jacksonville, FL on my way to and from South, South Georgia for work.  Unfortunately, I tend to find myself either traveling with others that just want to get home or traveling by myself in the middle of a weekday and find that no breweries near by are open.  However, on this occasion Mrs. UsedHair and I decided to make a drive up to Jacksonville to check out their zoo.  And… it’s never a hard sell to get her to stop in at a brewery after we drive somewhere new.  So, I did some searching on Google Maps and on the way back we stopped at Wicked Barley.

Wicked Brewing now open sign

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had made the mistake of stumbling onto a new brewery that had not yet started serving their own beer.  My first hint of trouble was the “Now Open” sign.  But…  did that really detract from my experience at this brewery?  Hell no.  They had 20 taps of other excellent beer, several of which I had never had before.  So, no harm no foul.

Wicked Barley tap list

In addition, they also had some incredible food.  At that point, how can you go wrong.  I write these posts a bit out of order sometimes, so this was actually the very first time I got to play around with my 360 degree camera.

At Wicked Barley in Jacksonville, playing with the 360 camera. Keep an eye out for a video on the blog. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

I also walked around with the regular camera and checked out the cool art work.

Wicked Barley art

The staff there were awesome, and let me wander around the taproom taking 360 video and then let me wander around the brewing area taking yet more 360 video.  It was an awesome first experience with the new camera.

So, what started out as a bit of a disappointment because I couldn’t get a bottle, can, or growler, turned into a success because I got to walk around a brewing area and play with my new toy.

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