Shall we play a game?

Have I mentioned before that I have the best friends ever?  I probably haven’t, but I do.  One of my friends recently returned from a trip to Iceland and was nice enough to pick up a 3 pack of Stedji Brewery beer. He then shared these beers with me and… let me keep the bottles.  How awesome is that?

Icelandic beer 3 pack

As we were drinking the beer, I started checking out the back of the box where they have a list of all of the beer styles from Stedji Brewery.

Stedji beer styles

I don’t speak Icelandic, so I was counting on the pictures to help me figure out what each style was.  Let’s play a game and see if we can figure them out one by one based only on the pictures.

 Strawberry? Probably.

 Pumpkin?  Low hanging fruit, and Októberbjór seems an easy guess as October.

 Cat skull flavored beer?  Seriously, WTF?  I looked up the meaning of the work and it translates as “smoked”.  I still don’t see what a cat skull has to do with smoking.

 Not even a need to guess for this.  It’s a radler.

 Bow flavored?  Maybe a Christmas bow or something?

 That’s easy… It’s Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) flavored beer.  This beer must only allow you to drink it if it finds you worthy.  And it probably tastes like thunder and lightning.

 Pine tree? Must be an IPA.

 Whale flavored?  Oh my goodness… is that the famed dung-smoked whale testicle beer?  Indeed it is! I sooooo wish that beer had been in the 3 pack.  I do have an Icelandic friend (different friend than the one that brought back the 3 pack).  Maybe if I bribe him enough, he’ll bring one back for me next time he goes.

 looks suspiciously like a hop.  Probably another IPA

 looks like a cask or a barrel

Well that was certainly fun.  What styles do you think they are?

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