Dog day afternoon

If there is one thing that Mrs. UsedHair and I like as much as beer, it would have to be dogs.  We have three of them ourselves.  As they are all rescue dogs, I suppose you could call them UsedHair’s Used Dogs.

UsedHair’s Used Dogs

We’ve been very pleased to see a trend of having combined dog and beer festivals in our area.   The first one we attended was too small to write about, had only giant corporation beer companies represented, and limited the beer samples with a punch card (which always cheeses me off).  But, the second one we found was definitely worth writing about.

Pints and Paws in Sanford, FL is everything you would expect in a great local beer festival with over 60 breweries (local and national) represented.

Pints And Paws beer festival #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

So, for a start (and it’s a really good start) I get to chat with representatives of great existing breweries like Orange Blossom Brewing Co.

Orange Blossom Brewing car

And I get to chat with reps from breweries that are ramping up to their grand opening, like the guys at Tactical Brewing.

Tactical Brewing at Pints and Paws beer/dog festival

Any friends that have been out in public with me know that I have a “squirrel” reaction any time I see a dog.  So, this place had me distracted left and right with all the cute dogs.

Dog in a carrier
St. Patrick’s Day dogs
Mermaid Dogs
Our dog Cria and Mrs. UsedHair!!!!

On top of everything else, I got to wear the beer helmet that Mrs. UsedHair made for me (I’m the dope on the right wearing the UsedHair’s Used Bottles t-shirt).

Beer head gear

Last, but not least… every collectors dream, I walked away with tons and tons of swag.

Swag from Pints and Paws
More swag from Pints and Paws
Yet more swag from Pints and Paws

I even managed to convince some of the vendors to let me keep the bottles after trying their beer.

Containers from Pints and Paws

So, let’s wrap this up by saying that I highly recommend going to one of these beer/dog festivals.  As one final look, here is the 360 video tour of about 2/3 of the event.

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I am a labeorphilist (one who collects beer bottles) looking to discuss the adventures often involved in obtaining the bottles and the challenges that accompany the hobby.

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