You got your chocolate in my peanut butter

I was recently at a 7-11 with Mrs. UsedHair and we were admiring the decadence of the double gulp insulated mug.

52 oz double gulp mug

Mrs. UsedHair liked the Army design as UsedHair Jr. was in the Army.  my only problem was that I couldn’t think of anything of which I would want 52 ounces in one shot.  But then I noticed the sticker.

8 hours cold sticker

This mug claims to keep liquids cold for 8 hours.  I could probably drink 52 ounces of beer in 8 hours.  Probably.  It would mean drinking for a whole evening without having to get up off the couch even once.  There was just one hitch.  I collect single bottles and cans.  That’s all I shop for.  I don’t have 52 ounces of any single beer around my house.  I would have to find a beer with just enough class, color, and charm to drink from a 7-11 double gulp mug.

Well, it just so happens that I was listening to an episode of At The Bar Podcast in which they were discussing a news story that helped me out.  As it turns out, Walmart is being sued because they sell a line of beer that (so the claim goes) is disguised as craft beer.  Just what does that mean?  Well, the 12 pack of beer in question is clearly labeled as being from Trouble Brewing.

Walmart 12 pack of “craft” beer
Walmart “craft” beer

As it turns out, there is an actual Trouble Brewing in Ireland, but none whatsoever here in the US.  The Trouble Brewing listed on the Walmart beer cans is a thinly veiled front for Genesee Brewing Company.  When I was growing up in Upstate New York, Genesee was known for it’s bargain basement quality beer.  Since then, it has been sold and mergered a few times and now rests in the hands of Cerveceria Costa Rica S.A.  Such news worthy beer definitely belongs in my collection.  For me, the bigger issue is not that the beer is made by a mass distributor.  Rather, the fact that the beer is made by Genesee makes it of about the right amount of class to be appropriate for a 7-11 double gulp.  My own personal challenge had begun.  Check out the video to see me preparing to drink a mish-mash of 5 cans of low quality beer in one night.  There’s a reward at the end of the video as you get to see that this mug really-really likes me.

So how did the night go?  Well, believe it or not, I’m not really used to drinking 5 beers in a night.  Craft beer is typically expensive, so I keep myself paced pretty well.  Getting through 5 beers, of questionable quality, all mixed together in a bucket, was not the most enjoyable evening I’ve ever had.   But I powered through it.  The biggest side effect I noticed was well after I drank the beer.  I will occasionally get up in the middle of the night with heartburn and have to take a tums.  I’m then fine and go back to sleep for the rest of the night.  I had to get up 4 times that night with the same heartburn.  That was a tums filled night to be sure.  But now I have a story, an insulated mug that I’ll never use again, and 4 new cans for the collection.

On Night in Queens – Where am I again?

So now…where were we? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh…okay. “Westley and Buttercup raced along the ravine floor.”

No, no.  That’s not it.  I was working at LaGuardia Airport in Queens and decided I could hit one brewery on a free night.  I met a guy at the first brewery that wasn’t going to have any of that and started acting as my personal beer sherpa in Long Island City.  We went together to a second brewery and had a grand old time.  But the evening wasn’t over yet.  There was one more brewery within walking distance in Long Island City that I had to see.  Big Alice wasn’t big and Rockaway Brewing wasn’t in Rockaway.  Would this be a similarly oddly named brewery?  Nope.  I was in for a third completely and utterly different style of brewery in the same city.  But LIC Beer Project (Long Island City, LIC, get it?) was definitely in Long Island City and didn’t really have any juxtapositions from it’s name going on.

LIC Beer Project exterior

The best way I can describe LIC Beer Project is “ultra”.  Ultra-hip, ultra-modern, ultra-sleek, ultra-polished, ultra-etc. Even the naming convention of calling themselves a beer project rather than a brewery spoke to the “ultra” feel of the place.  LIC had a feel like nothing else in a town with at least 2 other breweries.

Final stop of the night. Long Island City Brewing. So many breweries in one night. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

LIC barrels

The only thing I could find that they had in common with another brewery in the area was the love of graffiti that I had also seen at Rockaway Brewing.

LIC graffiti

But, once again, the “ultra” feel of LIC comes to light in that they take the love of graffiti and ramp it up such that the graffiti art permeates almost all of their can designs.

Speaking of cans… I was able able to score 2 containers at LIC.  The first was a bottle that I was drawn to strictly because of the name.  I was an exchange student in Spain my last year of high school, so I have a love of all things related to Spanish culture.  So a beer called Dulcinea was something I definitely had to have.  The second beer was an IPA.  I’m not usually that into IPAs, but the person behind the bar was excited to hear about my collection and offered to sell me a rare can that she had been squirreling away.  How can I resist a rare can.  To their credit, it was a really good IPA and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

So, the evening has been very productive, and somewhere along the way I lost my beer sherpa Jared.  Now, I’m really tired and know I’m going to have to pay the price at work the next day as I have to get us super early.  But I head back to the hotel knowing I’ve made the absolute most out of my trip.


One Night in Queens – Reggae Rockabilly?

The story of the film so far…

I’m working at LaGuaria Airport on a super-busy schedule.  But, I find my self with one night in which I can try and find a brewery in Queens.  I decide I will head to Long Island City, visit Big Alice Brewing and then head back to the hotel.  Once at Big Alice, I meet a guy who would very much like to act as my personal brewery sherpa and take me to more breweries in Long Island City.  All within walking distance.  How can I say no?

So we head out to find out next brewery and I wonder what the style of brewery I’m in for. Big Alice was actually quite small. Would the next brewery be the opposite of it’s name?  I was heading for Rockaway Brewing Co. and all I know about “Rockaway” is that Far Rockaway is a beach area in Queens.  I was in Long Island City rather than Far Rockaway, so we were off to a good start for an ironic name.

Don’t ask me how, buy as we approached the brewery, I could tell right away that the style was going to be quite different from Big Alice.

Rockaway Brewing exterior

Rockaway’s website says they are fans of Reggae.  However, once I entered, I had a distinct feeling of something akin to a rockabilly diner.

Unique look to Rockaway Brewing
Classic pinball machine
Graffiti mural

One thing I really got a kick out of where the bar stools made out of a sheet of plywood, and the plywood leftover on the wall to prove it.

Plywood bar stools
Plywood bar stool cutout

Jared (the brewery sherpa) and I enjoyed a few beers and chatted about all things beer for a while (because what else do you do in a brewery).

Moving on to Rockaway Brewing. Big night so far. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Then, after I got a mixed 4 pack of Rockaway Brewing cans, we decided we’d best be heading out to the next brewery.  Other wise, I might get to tired and give up.  And Jared wouldn’t be having any of that nonsense.

Check back again and I’ll finish out the night with one last brewery in Long Island City.

One night in Queens – Big things come in small packages

I got to work for a few days at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY.  Most of the time I was working far to hard and on such odd hours that I couldn’t really think about going out anywhere.  But, at some point in the trip, that magic evening came when I didn’t have to work at night and didn’t have to be back at work at 4am.  This was definitely a brewery night.  I found brewery that I wanted to try in the Long Island City area of Queens.  I would just slip out for a single brewery, just to say I got to one in Queens.  Well, that turned into a whole adventure.  Let’s take the night one step at a time.

The brewery that I had planned was up first.  It was picked solely on the grounds of being closest to my hotel (and therefore the cheapest Uber ride).  With a name like Big Alice Brewing, I expected either a large brewery, large taproom, or a large person behind the bar.  Big Alice was none of those things.

Big Alice Brewing Exterior

Like so many other breweries, Big Alice was quite unassuming from the outside, with nothing more than a hand painted sign above a single door. Inside was quite the opposite of Big.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

However, in the tiny place, they had some excellent barrels that I hope were once used to age something.

Big Alice barrel
Another Big Alice barrel

I thought maybe this was just a small taproom for a larger brewery.  Nope.  You can see the brewery right behind the bar, and they were nice enough to let me get a picture.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Now, if you’re anything like me, you know that the size of a brewery has nothing to do either way with the quality and variety of the beer that gets produced.  So, I had to get a flight to see just how good the beer there was.

Big Alice flight

With a lineup of a sweep potato farmhouse ale, a kiwi belgian ale, a jalapeno rye, as well as IPAs, kolsches, and stouts, this place really knows how to round out a beer selection.  I felt so good about the jalapeno rye that I got a growler of it to take back to the hotel.

And, of course, let’s take a super quick video tour.

Now, this is where my story usually ends.  I grab an Uber and head on home.  But not this time.  I made an awesome friend at Big Alice named Jared.  He is a local to the Long Island City area and shares my enthusiasm for beer and was quite excited to hear about my adventures all over the world.  But, Jared was not having any of my plans to head back to the hotel after visiting only one brewery in Long Island City.  He took it upon himself to act as my personal beer sherpa and we headed out to the next brewery within walking distance.  I was in for a night of three breweries that each had very, very different personalities.  Next post… you get to find out where Jared took me when we left Big Alice.