One night in Queens – Big things come in small packages

I got to work for a few days at LaGuardia Airport in Queens, NY.  Most of the time I was working far to hard and on such odd hours that I couldn’t really think about going out anywhere.  But, at some point in the trip, that magic evening came when I didn’t have to work at night and didn’t have to be back at work at 4am.  This was definitely a brewery night.  I found brewery that I wanted to try in the Long Island City area of Queens.  I would just slip out for a single brewery, just to say I got to one in Queens.  Well, that turned into a whole adventure.  Let’s take the night one step at a time.

The brewery that I had planned was up first.  It was picked solely on the grounds of being closest to my hotel (and therefore the cheapest Uber ride).  With a name like Big Alice Brewing, I expected either a large brewery, large taproom, or a large person behind the bar.  Big Alice was none of those things.

Big Alice Brewing Exterior

Like so many other breweries, Big Alice was quite unassuming from the outside, with nothing more than a hand painted sign above a single door. Inside was quite the opposite of Big.

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However, in the tiny place, they had some excellent barrels that I hope were once used to age something.

Big Alice barrel
Another Big Alice barrel

I thought maybe this was just a small taproom for a larger brewery.  Nope.  You can see the brewery right behind the bar, and they were nice enough to let me get a picture.

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Now, if you’re anything like me, you know that the size of a brewery has nothing to do either way with the quality and variety of the beer that gets produced.  So, I had to get a flight to see just how good the beer there was.

Big Alice flight

With a lineup of a sweep potato farmhouse ale, a kiwi belgian ale, a jalapeno rye, as well as IPAs, kolsches, and stouts, this place really knows how to round out a beer selection.  I felt so good about the jalapeno rye that I got a growler of it to take back to the hotel.

And, of course, let’s take a super quick video tour.

Now, this is where my story usually ends.  I grab an Uber and head on home.  But not this time.  I made an awesome friend at Big Alice named Jared.  He is a local to the Long Island City area and shares my enthusiasm for beer and was quite excited to hear about my adventures all over the world.  But, Jared was not having any of my plans to head back to the hotel after visiting only one brewery in Long Island City.  He took it upon himself to act as my personal beer sherpa and we headed out to the next brewery within walking distance.  I was in for a night of three breweries that each had very, very different personalities.  Next post… you get to find out where Jared took me when we left Big Alice.

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