The one was constructed on the ruins of the other

Time for my last stop in Pittsburgh.  I dove deep into the historic Deutschtown neighborhood for this venture.  The historic feel was punctuated by an old, yet seemingly still functional, Heinz factory across the highway.

Heinz factory

But, this visit was not about ketchup.  Oh no.  I was here for the beer, make no mistake.  And my destination was certainly no hole in wall with a tiny sign that you had to search for.  Due to the somewhat congested nature of the building layouts, you don’t see it from very far away. But, when you get to Penn Brewery, you definitely know it.

Penn Brewery exterior

Before I even went inside, I got a camera full of interesting information just walking around their cobblestone biergarten with… I don’t even know what to call them.  They look like archway tunnels or caves that have been closed off at one end.  Although, now they have been set up as drinking/dining areas.

Penn Brewery archway area

Whatever they are, they are really cool.  The rest of the cobblestone biergarten was also interesting.

Penn Brewery cobblestone biergarten
Penn Brewery entrance to cobblestone biergarten

And the inside was certainly no less fascinating.

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I ordered myself a plate of pierogi, the Mash Paddle Vs. Hipster beer and settled down to take in the atmosphere and chat with the bartender.  I found out that the building was not just a historic landmark for being an old building.  It was actually a brewery that had started up in 1884.  Penn Brewery apparently still has lagering caverns still in use from the old E&O Brewery days.  I’ll bet the odd outdoor areas used to be an entrance to those cavers.

Penn Brewery historic landmark sign

As I waited for my pierogi I wandered the inside and got some additional pictures.

Penn Brewery decor
Penn Brewery awards

I also checked out the ratskellar where you could see brewing equipment that started in the basement and was situated under the brewing equipment you could see by the bar.

Penn Brewery basement brewing equipment

Penn Brewery was absolutely worth the trip, and I managed to score a 2013 bottle of St. Nikolaus Bock Bier that they had squirreled away.

Penn Brewery 2013 bottle of St. Nikolaus Bock Bier

Quite the score for the bottle collection.

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