Déjà Brew

A glorious fact of life that makes this blog possible for me is that I travel a lot as part of my job.  about a year and a half ago, I went to San Diego across two work trips and did a series of posts about a brewery run on my last day there.  The story at the time focused on a one day journey specifically in San Diego.  But that definitely wasn’t the only set of breweries I went to on those two trips.  Some of the most memorable brewery visits for me are the surprise trips where I stumble upon a brewery.  Despite all my research of San Diego before my trips, I never really thought to look into the area where much of my actual work was being done.  I was working with the U.S. Border Patrol on this set of visits, and we met each day at their sector headquarters in Chula Vista, CA.  After working there a few days, one of the agents mentioned that there was a brewery literally only one block away from the headquarters office.  So, of course, on the way back to the hotel that very same day, I had to stop in at Novo Brazil Brewing Co.

Novo Brazil brewing equipment

There was almost no indication from the road as to what the place was (which explains why I missed it on the previous days).  And inside was mostly brewing equipment with a small-ish tap room area.

Novo Brazil bottling equipment
Novo Brazil barrel aging
Novo Brazil taps

It was a great brewery with quality beer and several unique styles.  I was especially pleased that I was able to get a bottle of their Brazilian Style Ale for the collection.

Novo Brazil Brazilian Style Ale

Although Novo Brazil had a goodly amount of equipment, they definitely didn’t seem big enough that I would expect to see anything from them clear across the country in Central Florida.  But, guess what I discovered at my local beer stop yesterday?

Novo Brazil cans

Crazy… just crazy.  I don’t know how they got to such a wide distribution so fast (especially in the San Diego market that is absolutely jam packed with breweries), but I couldn’t be happier for them.  I hope I see a lot more from them at my local beer shop.  I also hope I keep seeing more from other breweries that didn’t strike me as being the type to make it to national distribution levels.  I want to experience déjà brew again and again.

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