You put what in a what now?

I really try my best to keep the (at last count) 3477 bottles and cans organized in a spread sheet that I can access at any time.  So, when I’m buying new beer, I can look back through the sheets and avoid buying doubles.  However, dot dot dot, it happens.  Sometimes I just plain miss something in my sheets.  Sometimes I find myself in a place that only sells in 4 or 6 packs and I have to buy that way.  Sometimes I just like the bottle/can or beer so much I buy more.  And then there are times when people want to give me cans or bottles and I just can’t put them in the collection because I didn’t drink (or at least taste) them.  But what to do with those extras?  For the cans at least, I have found something at least mildly interesting.

Ever try to take the top off of a beer can with a can opener?  Of course you haven’t.  Who would?  Well, I tried it once to see if it would let me make it look like my empty beer cans were never really opened.  Turns out it takes quite a bit of modification to a can opener to get it to deal with that inward slope at the top of a beer can.  Also, it didn’t really work well as it crimped the rim of the can (

A lot of people around me now have been getting into planting succulents into anything they can fit them into.  So, of course, I figured this would be a great thing to do with my extra beer cans.

Succulent in Tractor Brewing IPA Can


Succulents in Clown Shoes Beer Cans

Not bad huh?  I think they come out pretty well.  And, because I work in such a cool office environment, they let me spread them out on the window ledges!  Have I mentioned that I love my job before?

Succulents on the Window Sill
More Succulents on the Window Sill

Next up I have some bottles I want to do this with.  But first Mrs. Usedhair has to find her glass bottle cutting kit that we’ve hidden in a box somewhere deep in the bowels of the house.

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