Containe review – Brown Note

Let’s look at an all out humorous container approach. Today’s can is The Brown Note from Against The Grain Brewery.

The Brown Note – front

Name: I’m a huge fan of humor, unique names, and obscure references. So, this name speaks to me on many levels.

Art work: I’m also a fan of complex art work with tons of detail. Although the art here isn’t like that, I can definitely see that the cartoony style goes better with the name.

Beer description: Doubling down on the humor approach. Absolutely have to admire that. Also have to admire the cojones involved in putting an obscenity in a product description.  And there is a good explanation of the name as well.

Just the facts: ABV and the best drinking temperature.  Not bad.  I do like to also know at least the IBU.

Label quality: The label is printed directly on the can. In addition, there are no dings, dents, scratches, etc. This can is in pretty good shape.

Container review – Red Cypress Devil’s Chair

Time for another container review. Today we’re going to take a look one of the very first cans from an up and coming brewery in Central Florida. Red Cypress Brewery opened about a year ago and has already progressed to a point where they are producing cans for distribution. I see big things in the future for this brewery. If they aren’t in your area, I’m sure they will be some day.

without further delay, Here is Devil’s Chair from Red Cypress Brewery.

Devil’s Chair Can – front

Name: I’m always glad when a beer is named something above and beyond just the style of the beer.  And Devil’s Chair just plain sounds cool.

Art work: The interpretation of Devil’s chair is pretty funny.  And extra points because they got the Red Cypress logo in there as well in a meaningful way.

Devil’s Chair Can – description

Beer description:  Now we’re cookin’ with gas.  Finally, a description that actually explains the name of the beer.  They also give a good indication of what to expect from the flavor.  And, to boot, they throw in more devil jokes.  A+

Just the facts: ABV and IBU.  The standards, but the IBU is critical knowledge for IPAs, so good on them.

Label quality: The label is fully printed on the can (not a cheap plastic sleeve) and there are no nicks, scratches, or dents.  This one’s pretty well done.

Way better than 600 likes on Facebook

I have a very special container review today. This can of Pompous Ass English Ale from Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto marks 600 different breweries in my collection! Personally, I think that’s more impressive and telling than that there are over 1700 bottles and cans. So, without further ado…

Pompous Ass English Ale – front

Name: Love it! Humorous, descriptive, unique.  A+

Art work: The art work definitely matched the name.  I think the color scheme was even chosen well for what they were going for. Again, well done.

Pompous Ass English Ale – description

Beer description: Quite the detailed description.  Lacks a little of the humor that got started with the title.

Fuggled Doublebottom

Just the facts: ABV, serving temperature, where to find them on social media, and even a name “Fuggled Doublebottom” for the Pompous Ass himself.  Not too shabby

Pop top: Nothing going on here.  Standard.

Label quality:  All is well.  No dents, dings, or creases.

Container Review – Modern Times Lomaland

The container for today is Modern Times Beer – Lomaland.

Modern Times – Lomaland – front
Name: Well thought out, unique, and explained in the text. Kudos.
Art work: What art work? This is what a friend of mine would call crisp and clean, and what I would call boring.

Modern Times – Lomaland – back
Beer description: They provide a great description that lets me really understand the flavors I’m about to experience.
Just the facts: SRM, IBU, and even the final gravity. Tally ho!
Pop top: Nothing interesting going on here.
Label quality: A few dents in the can. But they are likely my fault.

Container Review – Yards Brawler

Today, I’m taking a look at Yards Brewing Co. – Brawler.

Yards Brawler – front

Name: Excellent.  Most of Yards beers (at least the ones that I have seen) are named after US Founding Fathers.  Good to see them venture out into other areas. I’m not sure that a “Pugilist Style Ale” is an actual thing, but what do I know about beer.

Art work: Quite nice.  Ties the theme together.  I’m sure there’s a story about why the Brawler is boxing the Devil.  Wish I know what that story was.

Yards Brawler description
Yards Brawler neck label
Yards Brawler additional description
Yards Brawler even yet more description
Beer description: The big description on the main label covers the brewery and the additional description on the neck label covers the beer.  Pretty thorough.
Just the facts: Just ABV.  Wish there was more considering all of the descriptions going on.
Bottle neck label: It’s there and it has lots of info.  Go team.
Label quality: This is an example of why I evaluate label quality.  This neck label is peeling back.  Sometimes this can be caused by condensation, but I looked through every bottle available and this was the best hey had to offer.  Too many breweries just don’t put forth a lot of effort on this front.  Time to step up your game Yards.

Yards Brawler cap

Bottle cap:  Nice artwork on the cap.

Container Review – Parish Brewing Canebrake

Today’s review is for Parish Brewing Company – Canebrake.  Enjoy.

Parish Brewing – Canbrake – front
Name: Creative name.  No idea what it means, but it’s creative.
Art work: I like the use of a single color.  It’s simple, but still creative.

Parish Brewing – Canbrake – description

Beer description:  They say it’s a Louisiana style wheat, but don’t provide any description of what that means.  Just a stock statement about all their beers.
Just the facts: All about the ABV.  But, nothing else.
Parish Brewing – Canbrake – cap


Bottle cap: Nice Parish Brewing artwork on the top.  Still rocking the single color scheme.
Label quality: Good quality.  Nothing peeling away.
Bottle neck label: None

Container Review – New Belgium Hoppy Blonde

Let’s take a trip to New Belgium (or just about any grocery story) and check out New Belgium – Hoppy Blonde.

Name:  Just the type of beer.  This is a bit out of character for New Belgium.  They are usually pretty good about coming up with descent names.
Art work:  Parachutes.  Hmmmm.  OK?

Beer description:  Ahhh.  Now we get it.  There is a flavor “free-fall” to be had.  Parachutes making at least some sort of sense now.
Just the facts: Just ABV.  Par for the course for New Belgium.

Bottle cap:  Yup.  That’s a New Belgium cap alright.
Label quality: This label has a lot of visible ridges where condensation and glue didn’t feel like playing well together.  Every bottle I grabbed looked the same.  This one wasn’t my fault.
Bottle neck label: None.

Container Review – Ayinger Celebrator

We’re heading across the great water today to review the bottle for Ayinger – Celebrator.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock front
Name: The name makes me feel happy (which I’m sure is much the point)
Art work: Hard to go wrong with goats and beer.  Good art work.
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock neck bling

Bottle neck label: Not only do they have a neck label, they have neck bling!  I had to get an extra bottle of it just so I could give Mrs. UsedHair a goat decoration in hopes that she wouldn’t steal mine.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock description

Beer description:  Short and sweet.  But it does give me an idea of what I’ll be drinking.  Mission accomplished.

Just the facts: Just ABV.

Bottle cap: Plain white.  Must have blown the budget on the neck bling.
Label quality: It’s on straight and not peeling anywhere.  Far better than I can say for most others.

Container Review – Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout

Let’s take a look at the bottle for Lazy Magnolia – Jefferson Stout.

Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout front
Name: Not sure who Jeff is, but it’s at least more than just the style of beer.
Art work: Not a whole lot going on in the art department here.  More design work than art work.
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout description
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout additional description
Beer description: Very nice description of the beer and what I can expect to taste when I dip into it.  Also, it’s apparently “The Ideal Sweet Southern Stout” in case you were wondering.
Just the facts: No IBU or SRM.  But they do give you some food pairing suggestions.
IMG_5350 (1)
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout cap

Bottle cap: Nice image on the cap.  And I’m even less likely at this point to forget that they are from Mississippi

Label quality: Good, water resistant paper.  All of the labels are on straight and nothing is peeling away.
Bottle neck label: No neck label.

Container Review – Benchmark Table Beer

Time for another container review.  Today’s lucky winner is Benchmark Brewing CompanyTable Beer.

Benchmark Table Beer front
Name: Description of the beer.  Dullsville.
Art work: Crisp, Clean, and simple.  Not bad, but not my style.  I like complicated artwork with lots of detail.  I do like the highly reflective can surface being used (even though it makes pictures hard to capture).
Benchmark Table Beer back

Beer description: Lots of description of where/when to drink the beer.  But, not much in the way of describing the actual beer.  Leaves me with a lot of questions such as: What is a table beer?  Is there some history to the name/style?  Is this a light beer, a hoppy beer, a yeasty beer?

Just the facts: ABV only.  Still not answering any of my questions about color, bitterness, types of malts or yeasts used, etc.  But I have plenty of information on their social media outlets.
Pop top:  Nothing new here.  Standard pop top.
Label quality: The can has a few crinkles.  Only defects are my own fault. Benchmark is blame free on this one.