Container Review – Ayinger Celebrator

We’re heading across the great water today to review the bottle for Ayinger – Celebrator.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock front
Name: The name makes me feel happy (which I’m sure is much the point)
Art work: Hard to go wrong with goats and beer.  Good art work.
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock neck bling

Bottle neck label: Not only do they have a neck label, they have neck bling!  I had to get an extra bottle of it just so I could give Mrs. UsedHair a goat decoration in hopes that she wouldn’t steal mine.

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock description

Beer description:  Short and sweet.  But it does give me an idea of what I’ll be drinking.  Mission accomplished.

Just the facts: Just ABV.

Bottle cap: Plain white.  Must have blown the budget on the neck bling.
Label quality: It’s on straight and not peeling anywhere.  Far better than I can say for most others.

Container Review – Lazy Magnolia Jefferson Stout

Let’s take a look at the bottle for Lazy Magnolia – Jefferson Stout.

Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout front
Name: Not sure who Jeff is, but it’s at least more than just the style of beer.
Art work: Not a whole lot going on in the art department here.  More design work than art work.
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout description
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout additional description
Beer description: Very nice description of the beer and what I can expect to taste when I dip into it.  Also, it’s apparently “The Ideal Sweet Southern Stout” in case you were wondering.
Just the facts: No IBU or SRM.  But they do give you some food pairing suggestions.
IMG_5350 (1)
Lazy Magnolia Jeff Stout cap

Bottle cap: Nice image on the cap.  And I’m even less likely at this point to forget that they are from Mississippi

Label quality: Good, water resistant paper.  All of the labels are on straight and nothing is peeling away.
Bottle neck label: No neck label.

Container Review – Benchmark Table Beer

Time for another container review.  Today’s lucky winner is Benchmark Brewing CompanyTable Beer.

Benchmark Table Beer front
Name: Description of the beer.  Dullsville.
Art work: Crisp, Clean, and simple.  Not bad, but not my style.  I like complicated artwork with lots of detail.  I do like the highly reflective can surface being used (even though it makes pictures hard to capture).
Benchmark Table Beer back

Beer description: Lots of description of where/when to drink the beer.  But, not much in the way of describing the actual beer.  Leaves me with a lot of questions such as: What is a table beer?  Is there some history to the name/style?  Is this a light beer, a hoppy beer, a yeasty beer?

Just the facts: ABV only.  Still not answering any of my questions about color, bitterness, types of malts or yeasts used, etc.  But I have plenty of information on their social media outlets.
Pop top:  Nothing new here.  Standard pop top.
Label quality: The can has a few crinkles.  Only defects are my own fault. Benchmark is blame free on this one.

Container Review – Anchor Mango Wheat

Today, I am enjoying, and reviewing, Anchor Brewing – Mango Wheat.

Anchor Mango Wheat logo

Name: The beer style is the name. Yawn.

Anchor Mango Wheat art
Anchor Mango Wheat more art

Art work: Anchor usually doesn’t have much going on in the art department. So this is really above and beyond for them. So much art that it took 3 pictures to capture it all. Awesome show, great job.

Beer description: well, it’s a wheat beer… And it has mango. Nothing beyond the name description though.
Just the facts: ABV. Nothing else.
Pop top: Nothing special going on here.
Label quality: Nothing wrong with the can. Great job.

Container review – Penn Brewery Märzen

Today’s review is of Penn Brewery – Märzen.

Name: Just the type of beer. No originality at all. Boo.

Penn Brewery – Märzen

Art work: Definitely something good going on here. I really like the use of the gold foil coloring.

Just the facts: Just ABV.

Label quality: The label is on straight and is not peeling away anywhere.

Beer description: Lots of words here. But, not much actual description other than “full-bodied” and “amber”.

Penn Brewery – Märzen description

Bottle cap: Nice art work and easy to tell who the cap belongs to (this can be a problem with some caps).

Penn Brewing – Marzen cap

Bottle neck label: They have one! This makes is easier for me to find when its packed in with a lot of other bottles.

Penn Brewing Märzen label

Container review – Mother Earth Kismet

Name: Tells me nothing about the beer, but it’s classy as hell.

Art work: Intricate art work all the way around the can, not just where the name is. Excellent.

Mother Earth – Kismet description

Beer description: Some great detail and humor in here. Super well done.

Just the facts: Just the ABV. Odd for an IPA to miss out on listing the IBUs. But, whatever floats their boat.

Pop top: Nothing unique here.

Container review – Dixie Brewing Co. – Blackened Voodoo Lager

Today we are looking at Dixie Brewing Co. – Blackened Voodoo

Name: It tells me the style of beer, something about where the brewery is, and is somewhat cool.  Hard to ask for more.

Art work: They definitely put a lot into the art work on this label.  I really like it.

Just the facts: Nothing more than ABV.

Bottle cap: Plain metal. Boo.

Label quality: Labels are on straight and not peeling.  Not always the case with many beers.

Dixie Brewing Blackened Voodoo description

Bottle neck label: There is a neck label and it isn’t exactly the same as every other neck label for Dixie Brewing beers.  Well done.

Beer description: Interesting description.  Provides some history and perspective.  Even more history and perspective on the other side of the neck label for the brewery itself.

Dixie Brewing background