Container review – Sudwerk California Dry Hop Lager

Today I’m reviewingthe can for California Dry Hop Lager from Sudwerk Brewing Co.

Sudwerk California Dry Lager

Name: It tells me what it is and where it’s from. But there is no creativity there at all.

Art work: I like the bear on the bike. Still hitting the California theme pretty hard.

Beer description: no fun, cool , or story filled description of the beer. Guess they blew their descriptive was on the name.

Sudwerk California Dry Lager beer info

Just the facts: OG and IBU included. They even tell you the fermentation temperature. Impressive.

Pop top: nothing out of the ordinary.

Opening beer can from bottom

Fun fact: many beer can collectors like to open the cans from the bottom where the damage to the can doesn’t show. I’m giving it a try to see how I feel about it.

Container Review – Video Edition

I’m trying something new.  Some of the container reviews seem like they might be better suited to video.  I’m trying it out with a Mike Hess – Grazias.  Let me know what you think.  Should I stick to writing?  Should I stay away from video until I get some better equipment?  Should I figure out what the hack 15° Plato means?  Do you know what the cause of the strange can crinkles might be? Talk to me people. I know you’re there, I can hear you breathing.

By the way, degrees of plato apparently refers to the percent of sugar in the wort.

Container review – Peerless Pale Ale

Today’s review is for Peerless Pale Ale from Portsmouth Brewing.

Name: Meh. Mostly just a description of the style of beer.

Art work: pretty basic and fairly dull. There just isn’t a lot going on here.

Peerless Pale Ale label info

Beer description: there is a description that at least provides an explanation of the name.

Just the facts: I don’t even see an ABV listed here. No facts.

Label quality: as you can see in the picture, this is a paper label that is very susceptible to water damage. No Bueno.

Bottle neck label: no neck label (like that should be a surprise with this bottle)

Peerless Pale Ale cap

Bottle cap: we have lettering here. But still not much in the way or art.

Container Review – White Lightning

Today we are looking at Full Pint Brewing Company – White Lightning – Belgian-style white ale brewed with spices.

Full Pint Brewing Company – White Lightning

Name: Something more than simply listing the company name and style of beer. But could have more oomph.

Art work: Nice painting. I assume there is a back story to this art that I wish they were sharing with the rest of us.

Label quality: The label is mostly straight (you can see in the description picture below that it’s not perfect), not peeling away, and made from moisture tolerant paper so it doesn’t get ruined from condensation (or sitting in an ice bucket).

Bottle neck label: No bottle neck label.

White Lightning description

Beer description: Very detailed and a hint of humor with “shockingly refreshing”.

Just the facts: ABV, O.G. They even specify the malts and hops used.

Full Pint beer cap

Bottle cap: Full print bottle cap. Classy.

Container Review – Parallel 49, Tricycle

I’m starting a new feature today. My goal is to write less words more often. There are plenty of sites that do a beer tasting of the day. But I don’t know of any that critique the containers themselves. I don’t have a lot of talent when it comes to describing the mouth feel or the subtleties of the aroma of a beer. But, I have some definite opinions on what the bottle or can looks like.

Let’s start with one I picked up today. This is the can for Parallel 49 – Tricycle Grapefruit Radler.

Parallel 49 – Tricycle
 Art work: There is quite a bit of detail going on here. I really dig the styling. They get an A here.
Label quality: The label is painted on properly.  No plastic wrap on this one.
Beer description: A detailed description of the beer and some humor added in to boot.  Another A.
Just the facts: ABV and IBU provided.  Boxes checked.
Pop top: A little extra flair with a colored pop top.  Nice touch.