Don’t be afraid to use the 360

The 360 camera I use looks more like a Wii remote than a camera.  But, it’s ideal for what I do because it’s small enough to fit quite snugly in a hard case made for a pair of glasses.

360 camera in sunglasses case

I can travel with it just about anywhere.  The problem is that when I shoot video with it, I have to hold it over my head or I become half of the 360 shot.  Picture me meandering through a brewery with this thing held super high over my head and you’ll know why every video has at least one person staring at me blankly and/or asking me what the hell that thing is.  It’s a bit embarrassing to be honest.  But, it’s worth it to get something I don’t think a lot of other people are focusing on (at least for breweries).

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest challenges I have is getting someone from the breweries I visit to take some of their time out for me.  This isn’t just a matter of finding someone who will sit with me at the bar for 15 minutes and chat or even take me on a tour of the brewery.  The most common problem I come across is getting them to be interested in what the blog and (especially) the 360 camera can do for them. I usually ask that a brewery share my blog post about them on their social media.  Believe it or not, I only get them to actually do it maybe 10% of the time.

However, when I went to Bube’s Brewery (yup… that’s pronounced boobies) things worked out extremely well.  They saw what I was doing and decided that they would like to take me on the grand tour.  I’ve had interviews before, but this was above and beyond.  They immediately saw that they could leverage what I was doing to benefit us both.  I went to their website today and noticed that they have a link to the 360 tour right on the front page of their website.  Once again, Bube’s goes far beyond anyone else in using the 360 potential.  Thanks so much to you guys.  You’re the best.

For the rest of the breweries out there. Please, take advantage of the 360 videos and pictures that I post.  They are there to be used.  And, so long as they are linked to my stuff, I benefit just as much as you.  Is there not a 360 tour or picture of your brewery?  Let me know.  I’ll help you out if I can get to your brewery.

Sneaky Pete

So, the beer coasters are meant to support discussion with brewery staff and to have a stack of them left behind that they can pass on to customers. However, tonight I got roped into going to a German restaurant that didn’t really have the vibe I’ve been looking for.

Typical German restaurant

However, I saw a beer coaster holder that looked to be stocked a little light and I happened to have a coaster on me. So I left one all stealthy-like on the down low.

stealthy placement of beer coaster

They’re here!

I visit a lot of breweries, meet a lot of people that love beer, and tell them about the blog. But how can I spread the word after I leave these places?  Problem solved!

Usedhair’s Not Used Beer Coasters

I got beer coasters made up to leave in breweries and bars. If you visit some cool places in your area and would like to hand some out, let me know and I might send you a few.


I’m famous-ish!

Back when Mrs. UsedHair and I went to the DeLand Craft Beer Festival. I met up with some guys that do a podcast called At The Bar Podcast where they mostly taste different beers, and talk about general issues in professional and home brewing.  It turns out that they record their show at a World of Beer almost next door to where I work.  Combine that with all the beer I bring back from across the country (ripe and ready for tasting) when I’m on travel and you have yourselves a great crossover episode waiting to happen.  So I brought them some of the beer that I brought home from Texas and we had ourselves a tasting party that they put on their podcast!

You can find the episode “Texas Beers w/ Jessie from Used Hair’s Used Bottles (Ep. 14)” on iTunes or Stitcher.  If you have other ways of finding podcasts, feel free to use them.  I’m sure they’re not too hard to find.

You can also find their video podcasts (mine was audio only) on YouTube and their home page on Facebook.