Who is Usedhair?

20150524_214948000_iOSJesse Flint started collecting beer bottles somewhere in the vicinity of 2005.  Since then, he has amassed a collection of over 1,300 bottles which he constantly struggles to catalogue, maintain, and display.  During the time that he isn’t collecting bottles, Jesse is a Psychology Researcher investigating such riveting topics as auditory perception, visual search, and signal detection theory.  In that narrow slice of time that isn’t already accounted for, he primarily focuses on being a geek (watching sci-fi movies, playing board games, reading books, that kind of thing).

Once, in high school, he took a course in which he had to design and print business cards.  Seeing as he was a high school student, he didn’t have a business that particularly needed business cards.  So, being the smartass that he always was, he made up the business “Bills Used Hair Balls” using a drawing of Bill the Cat from the comic strip Bloom County.

Bills Used Hair Balls
The business card that started it all

When the internets started actually becoming a thing and online names became something that everyone should have, he found that UsedHair was (somehow) never one of those names that he had to fight to obtain.  For some reason, it was always available.  Thus, an internet moniker was born.